About Us

ZAGIRI is a luxury fashion brand for the individual looking for style while requiring the highest quality standards. The brand centers on making understandable attire that creates an impression in any environment.

The label focuses on fabric innovation and custom designs. Authentic fabric developments include original styles as well as harmonizing color palettes. The brand centers on attention to detail because the subtle things make a real difference in appearance. Nearly all the elements of a great fashion are due to the fabric from which it is made.

All garments start with natural fibers that have a soft hand feel and are luxurious and breathable. Fit also plays an important role in styling and the shirts have a modern fit that is comfortable yet fashionable. This fit gives the brand a diverse use and allows one to dress up or be more casual.

The quality craftsmanship and design details ensure confidence and style. The ZAGIRI brand can only be found at better men’s specialty stores and boutiques.